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I will not wish back The moments And the nights I thought of you I will not take back The words  Those poems I wrote for you Yes, those moments are now gone And the words set in ink  Are forever But those memories are still there The memories I will have… Of you

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But…honestly…truthfully… Don’t you see? We both felt it The exact second The exact same moment We came together… You and me? But remember…remember… Our hearts started beating In unison  In time The rhythm was echoing From your pulse To mine But really…truthfully… You really don’t see? Will you never Understand  The magic that can exist […]

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Thank you For helping me understand  Who I really am  And what I am capable of You turned away And I realised I am stronger without you 

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Ever the fool Broken and lost But hope still lingers Within this heart of mine A na├»ve heart Which still beats for you…

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The sun has set Our time now dark I’ll close my eyes And hear my mind… I’ll think of you  In the black of night Moving quietly…still Until the birds make their sound As glimpses of the day return And a new light will dawn… My heart still breaks But it knows it will mend […]

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But your heart was closed off to me… You held it at an arms distance I did not weep for you You did not break me I broke myself  Ever believing  I was the one you would need 

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And so it magically disappeared The day I ran from The day I feared And so it wasn’t meant to be The love I gave you The love in me

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You speak to me softly… Those words… Your words are a curse They pull me in I can’t give in But I do… My desires come first Your gaze upon me – hungry Those eyes… Laced with sin and lies They pull me in I do give in You ignite The deepest of fires

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The eternal flows Within my heart My deep breath shakes The light to dark But what of fire? That eternal flame… Will you get to light it Again and again? You know not what You do to me My spark ignites… Intensity Will you not stay To fan that flame? For it shall burn Again […]

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The rain will fall… Melt away the memory A memory so strong And vast It will wash away the thoughts I’ve kept Of you An inner peace arises from within As your face fades into the distance

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