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The rain will fall… Melt away the memory A memory so strong And vast It will wash away the thoughts I’ve kept Of you An inner peace arises from within As your face fades into the distance

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I want you Come over here Please… Don’t be afraid For the spark we created Its been done now Its been made You give in Release… In this moment In your way You’re insatiable Uncontrollable I want you… So…stay…

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She undressed him…. Slowly At first, with her eyes She spoke to him Silently No words; a disguise She watched him Closely Her breaths turned to sighs She took him… Completely As he ignited the fire

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She bared her soul to him He saw everything – The way she felt The way she took a breath Her manner And the way she moved… The way she moved toward him With him Below¬†him… She surrendered her soul to him Entirely Completely And found herself again

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See…here Do you see this? See, this is the key You take it And unlock The desire within me Feel…this Do you feel it? Are you feeling the heat? You made it You did this The fire within me  

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I sense the void within my heart An abstract feeling of confusion I search my way through the dark And find there is nothing my hands can touch My mind paints the picture of smiles Smiles for nothing At nothing Then my heart skips a beat It knows there is a wish coming true A […]

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Neglecting sorrow through the years A painful need to shed the tears Seclusion haunts an ugly fear Past gone by It disappears Disturbance floods her troubled mind As youthful joys are left behind Anguish hides from prying eyes Forgotten times She’ll never find

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We wish to express The love inside We give joy And happiness With nothing to hide We open our hearts Our souls are alive The hurt that will follow Our dreams sadly die  

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The wall of stone has crumbled Her many tears still fall And all she feels is confusion The tears she cries Are now of sorrow A memory kept alive In her soul And her heart Never buried Just a tired forgotten She isn’t afraid Yet still not strong Otherwise hoping Forever Holding on…

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I’ve awoken from my slumber And my eyes need to adjust I’m alive; out of my coma In my mind I’ve seen so much In my dreams You led the way To the door that you held open To guide me to a new life path… The one before so broken You breathed new life […]

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