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My Muse-ical Process

It’s probably no surprise that┬ámusic has always inspired me to write; this has been my process since I was a teenager. I’ve written about music and writing before on Poeta Officium but I thought I’d write about it again seeing as it has been the main driving force behind my story ideas┬álately. Most of you […]

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The Writer – A Short Description

So as I sit preparing to write … my words are failing me. My mind is failing me. My heart is pleading with me …… ‘for the love of God – write something!!’ Fingers at the ready, resting on the keyboard…yet so very still… And my words fail me. And my mind fails me. And […]

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Dear Beta Reader….

Ah, there’s a lot to be said about you. A powerful critique machine. Are you ready to pounce on every thought I’ve materialised? Just remember, these words have come from the inner depths of my soul. And what if you don’t like it? Is it a case of tough cookies? To be honest, whatever you […]

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sitting in the dark alone what am i invoking? if anything at all? it is still and silent and the trees make no sound it is dark and quiet and i am nowhere to be found

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The Writer Awakens

She felt someone touch her shoulder. ‘It’s time to wake up from your slumber, miss’ said Joyce. She stirred. She awoke. Joyce smiled. ‘That’s right, miss. You can open your eyes now,’ She blinked. Once. Twice. Again. Her view was now in focus. ‘Where have I been?’ ‘That is something only you can explain,’ Joyce […]

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When Bad Things Happen To Mediocre Novels

This isn’t going to be a book review – at all – but I felt compelled to voice my opinion about the last book I read; Precious Blood by Jonathan Hayes. Now, before I continue I would like to point out that reviews and things of the like are, to me, utterly pointless. Why? Because […]

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Meanwhile, Under Her Rock……

Yes, I have resurfaced. I didn’t go away (as is evident from my still-live blog) but I needed to take a break from blogging for a while – it really was becoming a bit of a burden and for a while there, I didn’t feel like I had anything constructive to offer anyone. All I […]

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And The Wheels Are Back In Motion!

Yes people. I am very pleased to report that in the past week I have finally put pen to paper. Literally, pen to paper. I found that having my notebook nearby helps with writing on a whim – just like the old days. Laptops are so cumbersome, it’s not like I keep it on all […]

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The Week That Was And The Book That Made Me A Hermit

Unfortunately, yes, the week that has passed was completely consumed by the book I was dying to finish but dreading to finish at the same time (because it was uh-maaaay-zing!) – Stephen Kings’ 11-22-63. So writing was – again – put on hiatus. I’m not complaining because as I’ve mentioned before – the book was […]

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Reading, Writing and Stephen King

So here we are, post time of the week :) I hope everyone has had a fulfilling week full of words. I know I haven’t. Not the best start to the year, huh? Well I won’t go as far as saying that, I’m not going to start getting too hard on myself. I know for […]

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