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The tears I shed Were only for you Wasting my life Playing the fool Craving the love That burns in the night All I can sense now… Rapid denial Nights are so lonely My days fade away Replacing the happy… And the memories stay I’ll give you my body I’ll give you my dreams As […]

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I have this sinking feeling I may have gone too far This time I’ve been left reeling This time it’s left a scar This time it hurts a little more This time I’m left to bleed My heart has broken to its core Should I just believe. ..?

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I don’t know why you matter I dont know Why I waste away my time Wondering… If I’m on your mind I don’t know why I care so much About what you think Of me I don’t know how I’ve come to feel this way Or why It’s that moment in time I remember. .. […]

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You make me feel dirty No substance So numb Your secret little plaything Its ok…. I succumb Can you feel When the tears Fall upon your disgrace? Do you feel When my nails Rip the skin off your face? You hit me So hard And I fell to the stars My body Your sex toy […]

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For what it’s worth You find me here For all you search I’ll stay right here For you to touch You’ll see me here For all your pain I’ll be right here For what you seek I’m standing here For now you’re gone And I’m still here

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I want to lie beneath the stars Feel your hand in mine Together alone Our hearts as one You make me feel divine You’ll wrap your arms around my soul You’ll whisper love so true I’ll close my eyes And wish to God For all of this With you…

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Will fate ever stop following me? Will it let me live my life by design? I do not want you in my heart Anymore I cannot have you in my mind… Taking up space And energy They say it’s all been pre-written That our futures lie within the stars… So if you are meant to […]

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When you inspire me to write It means my heart is set alight It means my soul is burning fire It means your love Is my desire As you inspired me to write It meant my dream was now alive It meant you took me from my strife It meant you brought me Back to […]

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Please… Tell me How do I let you go? Please… Help me Why I’m unable To just say no? These feelings Engulf me It’s difficult To breathe Your passion Excites me But it’s not meant to be Please… Help me I just cannot say no For my will is so helpless Please…let me go

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The rage inside is silent Sadness Without a voice Deeply locked inside Within I do not have a choice Loving you is difficult I hide it far within The words Cannot escape my lips Oh! Where would I begin? Do you not see the fire inside? Do you not feel the flame? It stirs my […]

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